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We have three congregations that meet at the church premises every Sunday. The longest standing congregation is the Cantonese Congregation, originally this service was held in English or Cantonese and translated to the appropriate language.


As the Cantonese Congregation grew and the Chinese became settled in Liverpool, the second generation Chinese and the growing student attendance necessitated the church to have separate Cantonese and English Services, serving the different needs and different tastes of the English and Cantonese speaking groups.


The English speaking congregation considers itself more an International Congregation as we are open to all speakers of English to join us in our worship service and this is reflected in the act that we have many Malaysian and Chinese students as well as people from other countries attending our services regularly.


With the recent influx in Chinese coming from Mainland China, ouir church started a Mandarin Bible Study group to cater for their needs after the English service. As numbers grew, and some Chinese had very little English, at Chinese New Year in 2004, we started a Mandarin congregation, which presently consists mainly of asylum seekers and students.

You can find out more about the events and what is happening in the English congregation by checking out our news page and bulletin.


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