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A Brief History
Doctrinal Basis

Trustee Board

The main governing body of the Church is the Trustee Board. It consists of a chairman, congregration representatives and various other members. The Trustee Board has overall management for all Church affairs, and all other committees in the Church are accountable to them.


Pastoral Team

Rev. David Seiboth - Pastor

Pastor David was born in Birmingham and became a Christian in his teenage years when he moved to Newark, Nottinghamshire.

In the 1970s, he came to Liverpool to study Architecture, where he first started to get involved with the Chinese Community in Liverpool. Some Chinese friends, whom he had introduced to Christianity, brought him to the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Mission which eventually grew into our church – LCG Church, where he met his wife to be, Sook Cheng.

After studying at All Nations Christian College, David worked in the church for a while then in an architects office. He and Sook got married here and two years later they left England for Taiwan where they worked as missionaries for 20 years.  In 2003 they returned to England with their two sons and David took up the post of Pastor for the English Congregation.

In 2004 they started the Mandarin Congregation and when Daniel Deng joined the staff he slowly passed over most of the responsibility for this to him. He recently has become involved in the wider Chinese Community in Chinatown and is involved in Together for the Harvest and other evangelical Christian groups in the city

congregations in December.

Besides networking with the Chinese Churches in the North of England, he is also working with the similar minded churches in the Toxteth and Liverpool City Centre area and with Together for the Harvest.


Church Leaders

  Trustee Board Chairman:

Mr. Kai Man Daley Wong

  Treasurer: Mrs. Agatha Mak


Dr. Daniel Yeo
  Elders: Mr. Kai Man Daley Wong
    Mr. Eric Chan
    Mr. Solomon Ho


Rev. David Seiboth
  Pastoral Worker:  
  - Cantonese:

Mr. Ah Cheong Chan

Mr. Paul Fong

Mr. Tommy Kwan


- English:

Dr. Maw Joo Tan

Mr. Colin Chee

Dr. Daniel Yeo


- Mandarin:

Mr. Tianbing Huang



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