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As a Church we feel it is important not only to see God's kingdom being established in just our local area or even city, but also across the entire world. Part of the way we carry our Jesus' command to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19) is by supporting various missionaries and missionary organisations.

In the past we have had a missionary couple we supported working with OMF International in Taiwan.

One of our church members, Gilian Wong (Gil for short), served God also with OMF International and was teaching at a school called Faith Academy (Faith) located on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines. Faith is important for many missionary families as it provides western curriculum for their children and at an affordable price. It also mean that their parents can focus more time on their ministry without having to worry about home schooling their children.

We keep a strong link with OMF International and also support various missionary organisations. One is OM International.

News from OM International


Meeting Mr. Five Million

Yangon, Myanmar :: The five millionth visitor Mr. U Tin Hla and his family are welcomed to Logos Hope by Director Seelan Govender (South Africa), Captain Tom Dyer (USA) and Managing Director of Public Ministries Ronnie Lappin (UK).

08 Oct, 2015 | Myanmar Flora Man

A major milestone was reached as the five-millionth visitor climbed up the gangway to visit Logos Hope in Yangon, Myanmar, this week. This comes just a few months after the ship completed a six-month period of upgrades to replace two generators. Local taxi driver Mr. U Tin Hla, and his family of four, were welcomed at 11:30am local time on Tuesday, 6 October 2015, by Logos Hope Director Seelan Govender (South Africa), Captain Tom Dyer (USA) and Managing Director of Public Ministries Ronnie Lappin (UK).  


Excited, as well as somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention, Mr. Hla said he had first read about the visit of Logos Hope in the newspaper and was keen to come on board to find books for his teenage children. When it was revealed to him that he was a very special visitor, Mr. Hla commented, “I never expected this, not even in my dreams!”  It was his family’s first visit to the ship and they were grateful for the warm hospitality they received. To celebrate the occasion, Mr. Hla was presented with a bookfair voucher of 5,000 units.


Captain Tom gave a personal tour of the ship to the family. They visited the bridge, and he even showed them his cabin. “I am excited that this took place in Yangon, Myanmar, and am amazed at the many visitors we have every day!” expressed Captain Tom. “Each person who walks up the gangway represents an opportunity to bring knowledge, help and hope.” Logos Hope will be docked in Ahline International Port Terminal in Yangon until 15 October.


Credit: Flora Man · © 2015 OM International


Short-term Missions Trip


STEP OUT 2016 - Taiwan (Taiwan)


To see world Christian STEP OUT into world mission. It is a practical mission training program, which focus on the following areas:
S: study the word of God
T: team work
E: experience world missions
P: practical learning
O: obey God
U: unity in Christ
T: testify for God

STEP OUT is a 4-day BILINGUAL (English and Chinese) mission conference in which you will study word of God and exposed to the needs around East Asia. You will have the opportunity to experience growth in your faith and in your relationship with God. You will also be equipped and challenged to


STEP OUT from your normal life!

After the conference, you will be traveling with your teammates to a small Hakka town in Taiwan to take part in the Community Transformation Ministry (CTM) to bring the Good News to the Hakka, the least-reached people group in Taiwan. Your team will set up a Summer camp to reach out to local children and youth.

Price excludes flights & insurance, and is subject to change according to the exchange rate. Unless you’ve recently been with us you will also need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) as part of our safeguarding policy which costs an additional £15.

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'Father can do'

View of part of DreamAsia property in Northern Indonesia, from the roof of the training centre. Natural vegetation and overgrown farm plots are visible, with a view of the sea in the background.

27 Oct, 2014 | Indonesia OM International


“Bapa Boleh” is the phrase heard at every recent DreamAsia+ (DA+) gathering. Roughly translated from Bahasa, it means “Father can do” and it has become the internal slogan for the latest DA+ ministry project.


A few months ago, God opened doors for DA+ to acquire a property in Northern Indonesia, with the vision to establish a self-sustaining farm and training centre. It is to be a place where young believers are spiritually discipled and vocationally trained. The long-term goal is to help develop hearts to share the Gospel in Indonesia and the region.


The island's rapidly growing population is comprised mostly of internal immigrants from other parts of Indonesia who have relocated in search of work and new beginnings. DA+ is responding to this opportunity at their doorstep not only to impact individuals, but also to touch an entire nation.

However, as with all projects, this too has its challenges. The farm itself requires time and hard labour to yield a harvest enough for sustainability; and building the training centre calls for an input of finances and expertise beyond the OM team’s current capabilities.


“We are seeking not only financial partners but also associates who can provide insight for the farm and training centre,” said Carolyn from DA+. “Praise God that as we step out in faith, we find that He had begun to answer our prayers long ago.”



On our own Camino

Join with OM Spain to trek the Camino de Santiago to share the Good News with pilgrims.    Photo by Julia

19 Mar, 2015 | Spain

Elizabeth HolmesNo matter how many times you hike El Camino de Santiago your journey is different. The path is full of highs and lows, both in elevation and in emotion. It challenges you in ways that you never thought possible. It teaches you about others and their cultures. It teaches you about yourself. Above all, it gives you opportunities to teach others about Jesus.


El Camino, the Way of St. James, is a world-famous hike that leads to the burial site of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Various routes from around the world converge at the city’s cathedral, where James’ tomb is located. Hikers, called pilgrims, do the hike throughout the year, but the summer months attract the most pilgrims.  


For the past two summers, I have hiked the Camino with OM Spain. The two times that I have done it could not have been more different. This past year, I backpacked part of the Northern Way with OM Spain’s Transform team. For six days, our group of 20 from around the world worked together to push through the hike’s physical, as well as spiritual, challenges. We grew both individually and as a team. The time we spent walking through the Spanish forests was breath-taking, not just because of the scenic landscapes we passed, but because of the company we kept along the way.


We also made lasting relationships with other pilgrims hiking the Camino. And that is the real reason why OM Spain hikes the Camino: to befriend the people that God puts beside us on the path and to share His love with them. Many pilgrims hike the Camino seeking a life-changing experience; what better life-changing experience than hearing the good news of Jesus Christ?


Last summer, Karina*, a pilgrim from Eastern Europe, spent her last week on the Camino with the OM Spain team. She said in her own home country she had never once found a church whose doors were actually open. Her time with us was her first interaction with Christians in her life. A wonderful Dutch woman on our team gave Karina her very first Bible. Karina was overjoyed


In my summers spent hiking the Camino with OM Spain, I have learnt that we are all on our own Camino in life. Some parts of our journey are steep, requiring a lot of concentration and strength. Other parts are flat, requiring stamina and encouragement to keep going in the midst of monotony. No matter what part of our individual Camino we may find ourselves in, our mission remains the same: Tell those walking alongside us the good news of Christ.


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