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That they would read God's word daily.

If you do not have a reading plan, try the link on the side of this page where you will find suggested readings for each day.

Alternatively try this website WordLive


These are held in members' homes in Liverpool and on the Wirral. May God use them to build up the church and encourage our members.

Tuesday and Friday is for working people and Wednesday is for students.



Bangor Chinese Christian Fellowship.

Students run this ministry with our help and the help of the Christian Union.

We are waiting for our co-workers there to settle in before restarting this ministry. If interested to find out more, please cotact us at:

Bangor Chinese Christian Fellowship





  • Feed the Homeless – Sunday evenings at Gladstone's 9:30 pm ask pastor if you are interested inhelping
  • Bangor ministry – Pray that we will have new enthusiastic students join the fellowship. A mature Christian student has just arrived in Bangor and will be around for a while, may this help progress the ministry.
  • Fellowship Meal – the next meal is next Sunday - 3 July, please invite friends, the speaker is from Youth for Christ.
  • Pastoral staff: All leadership in LCGC that they would have wisdom, stay close to God & have good health and relationships.
  • Friday Fellowship – Praise God for new members interesting discussion groups after our meal and games.
  • Sunday School – more trained teachers as we have more children especially in the afternoon
  • Full-time worker for Cantonese and Mandarin Congregations - Praise God for our new Cantonese worker, Ching Ching, before the end of this year.
  • Youth Group – Pastor, Jack, Eugene and Sarah as we lead the youth while Rebecca is on maternity leave. Also that new leaders will be raised up to help this ministry.
  • Young Adult Ministry (YAM) for permanent residents on alternate Wednesdays.
  • SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB - 8-12 AUGUST 2016 10a.m. to 2 p.m. at the church. For children between 5 to 11 years old
  • NEEC - Sunday April 9th – April 11th 2017 May many come and be blessed
  • Unrest in Middle East
  • Post Referendum Leadership
  • Corruption of the Malaysian Prime Minister.

LCGC Church

  • We thank all of those who have helped this year with the various areas of need in our church, especially the students who are only with us for a short time.
  • We always need people to serve in different areas, for example: 
      1. Praise and worship,    
      2. Technical support,       
      3. Stewarding and car watching,  
      4. Sunday School teaching or assisting
      5. English Corner every Friday
      6. Globe Café every Monday at the Guild.
  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit will touch us and open our eyes and heart that we may see and feel the needs and that we are willing to serve in LCGC according the HIS will.
  • Pray for Maw-joo, Daniel Tan, Yvonne Chan and Children ministry. Give thanks for their continued hard work and leading a recent teacher training day. Praise and thanksgiving for those who are teaching Sunday School. There are around 15 teachers and 4 helpers.


The State of our Nation

Our nation continues to need more prayer in this time of economic instability.
Pray: That the church will learn how to wait on the Lord for wisdom and direction in this difficult time and that God would have mercy on this nation.

~God's love has no limits~




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