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Friday Fellowships

Photo taken at the Wednesday Student Fellowship

There are three Friday Fellowships within the church to cater for each language group (Cantonese, English and Mandarin).


They are open to all people over 18, and all groups meet together first for food at 6:30 p.m. Anyone who is free, helps with cooking and with the cleaning up afterwards. Food is free for those who visit the first time, but after that we all contribute, £2 per head if you are a student or unemployed, and £3 per head if you are working.


The Fellowships attract many students, particularly from John Moore's University and Liverpool University and many of them are international students, pricncipally from Asia.


Our aim is to have fun get to know each other and make friends at the same time we meet to get to learn more about God and His Word and to encourage each other in our faith. 


In addition to these meeting they often hold other social events as well such as sports events, movie nights, Christmas parties etc, usually combined with a gospel message.


We have a facebook page too - go to:


Find out more about Student Fellowship meeting times


Have you finished study

and are looking for a conference for young working

adults perhaps this is for you:





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