Bible Study is important to us at LCG Church and so we have several groups who meet together for fellowship and Bible study.

Some of our groups concentrate more on caring for one another spiritually but still find time for delving into God’s word or books concerning the Christian life.

If you are interested in studying God’s Word in a small group setting we have groups on different days of the week and in various locations, some for men, some for women and some mixed groups too.

If you would like to know more about these groups please e-mail Pastor David at or Sook Seiboth at

On alternate Mondays we have a men’s group held at the church at 7:30, when we eat together, study together and pray together. On occasions we do a community project or just go out together for fun.

On alternate Tuesdays there is a ladies’ group – one in Fairfield at pastor’s house.

On alternate Wednesdays there are two mixed groups, one meeting at Deacon Tom Liu’s house for Young working adults (a.k.a. YAM)

During term time on Wednesdays there is a Student Bible Study (Koinonia) that often meets at pastor’s house. Transport is provided from the LU Student Guild to his place, where we eat together and then do an in depth Bible Study that we apply to our lives. If you are interested in this group, please e-mail Sook Seiboth at

Care Groups do much more than study God’s word, they plan activities together and care for one another. They are excellent groups for developing friendships and encouraging one another.