English Congregation – Pastor David 英文堂 – 徐毅榮牧師

We praise God for all His blessings to us this year.

Our goal this year is to increase the English Congregation membership and attendance by 10% and to become more intentional in our discipleship of believers. God has been good and membership has increased accordingly, but overall attendance has not reached our goal yet, perhaps by the end of the year God will move new people to become regular attenders of the English service.

Our ministry through small groups is growing. We see this ministry as important as it is a way for us to care for one another more intimately and build one another up in the Christian faith. Becky and Tom have seen the Young Adults Ministry increase in numbers and so they now have four different groups meeting in various areas of the city. God has also blessed the small groups we have for men, women and students throughout the year, which has challenged and encouraged each group.

We had a good number of students attending our Friday Fellowship, including many who were not Christians but seeking the truth about life. We had our student welcome this year on September 27th, and it was good to see all three congregations working together to reach out to bring the Good News of Christ to the many students here in Liverpool. Many of the ways we have served God in the past are similar to the ones that we have been doing in the past, but this coming year we are continuing to look into how to make these more effective and intentional in the way we are discipling individuals and groups.

Mission is also something that is very much on our hearts. We hope to have training in outreach later in the coming year, particularly with the view to how to share our faith with Muslims. Our link with Lesley Lai, has encouraged us to think more about how we can effectively share the gospel with other cultures.

This training would also be useful for those of us who are working at Earle Road Hub. We are asking God to show us just how best to use the resources He has given us to reach out to and meet the needs of the community around Earle Road. As with the student work, the wonderful thing about this ministry is that we have people from all three congregations working together to serve there. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Toxteth Women’s Centre do Evangelistic English classes for Muslim women and on Saturdays we have just started table tennis. The centre is a good alternative venue when our main building is fully booked. At the time of writing this report, there is also a possibility that we will have a Romanian Service at the Hub on Sunday mornings.

It is also good to see how through our church’s Mustard Ministry we can help mission in a wider context. Our desire is to see more people in our church experience local and overseas mission experience as this is a great way to build ones faith and maturity in Christ.

As you can see, there are many things to praise God for this year, he has blessed us in all aspects of our ministry, we have seen the Young Adults Ministry grow into three groups, there are more people attending our Young Families group and we have seen people come to the Lord as their saviour in the Friday Fellowship. The Earle Road Hub, has seen a regular and responsive group coming regularly to our youth group and English Corner.

I know that reports at General Meetings can go on for a long time, and simply be repeating much of what you already know. If you are interested in any of the activities mentioned in this brief report, please come and talk with me. What is happening in all our ministries can be found on Facebook and our recently updated website.

Finally, my thanks go out to all the brothers and sisters who have worked together with us with God’s help, in all the different ministries here at LCGC.





傳福音一直是我們心中的使命。我們盼望有外展的培訓,特別是向回教徒宣講我們的信仰。我們與Lesley 姊妹的聯繫,鼓勵我們更多思考如何有效地與不同文化的人分享福音。

宣教的培訓同時對在活水中心的同工帶來果效,我們尋求神的指引,善用現有資源,上帝開啟外展之門,使我們能配合本地社區的需要。對於學生事工,神奇妙的將我們三堂的肢體放在一同彼此配搭服事。逢星期二和星期四,Toxteth 婦女中心租用活水中心,舉辦向回教婦女傳福音的英語班而星期六的乒乓球活動亦開始了。當教會中心在星期六許多時有其他活動同時進行,此中心可以成為我們可以善用和替代舉行活動的場地。執筆至此,使我想到未來的星期天早上,可能會有羅馬尼亞人的主日崇拜。


大家可以看到,今年上帝從多方面祝福各項事工 —— 青年事工增至四個小組,年輕家庭小組的人數增長,星期五學生團契的學生決志歸主。活水中心 —— 不論青少年團契或英語角,都有一班穏定的參與者。



AGM 2019 Earle Road Hub Report  –  Pastor David Seiboth 

Over the last few years the Earle Road ministry has slowly developed in line with the resources that we have at the present.

We have a good team of volunteers from all three congregations and also  three other volunteers, one from the neighbourhood and two from local churches.

At present the main ministries that are held there are a youth group and English class on Sunday evenings. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Toxteth Women’s Centre use the building to teach English in a Christian context and on Saturdays there is table tennis on the first, third and fifth month. On Wednesdays there is a Cantonese Bible Study held there and from time to time the NHS hold their “Healthy families” programme there on Wednesday afternoons after school.

We are still working on minor improvements to the building, we have added some more storage space in the main hall, and have removed the stage as it was proving to be a hazard to the Women’s ministry. We have repainted the doors and are planning to do other minor improvements over the next year.

One great relief to us is that the School at the back of the building has responded to our complaint that soil was coming down from their site and causing damp in our walls. They have now built a new retaining wall there, which has relieved the problem and improved the look of the site.

Recently there is another Christian group that would like to use our building on Sundays for their morning worship service. We are in the process of working this out with them, but nothing definite has been decided as yet.

Starting in October, we have initiated a fortnightly prayer meeting at the Hub on Monday evenings at 6 pm. Previously we tried to do this after the meetings on Sunday, but by then most of us were tired from a full day of work and really need to get home and rest for the coming week. Please pray with us as we seek God’s guidance to know how best to use this God given resource.

Finally, I want to say thank you for everyone who has in any way assisted in the ministry at the Hub, the cleaners who come in on Mondays and Fridays and all the volunteers, without your help, we would not be able to do any ministry there.

2019活水中心會員大會報告 – 徐毅榮牧師

過去數年活水中心的事工隨著我們擁有的資源逐漸發展。我們有由三堂弟兄姊妹組成的團隊,有三個義工 包括一個近鄰和兩個來自本地教會。

目前主要事工有星期日晚上舉行的青少年團契和英語班。逢星期二和星期四,Toxteth 婦女中心租用我們這個基督教背景的中心作教導英文,而每月的第一、第三和第五個星期六,就設有乒乓球活動。星期三有廣東話查經班舉行,國民健康服務 (NHS) 亦不定時在星期三下午舉辦 “健康家庭”活動。