English Corner stopped during the Covid Pandemic and our English Corner facilitator broke her shoulder, so for the moment we do not have any English Corner programmes being held. Should we resume again, we will make it known on our Facebook page Facebook English Corner page.

When it is functioning, English Corner is an opportunity to practise English. We offer English conversation every week, with native English speakers. A team of volunteers gave this free service every Friday at 5pm. and was led by Jo Wheeler and Anna Chung.

It is not a class, so is unsuitable for those without the basics of English. We do not have a nursery provided at this time either so it is not suitable for anyone with young children. Though we have accommodated young children before.

For those in university, some of our volunteers are willing to proofread your papers if you need help with them, we cannot always do this, it is first come first served and depends on the availability of the helpers.

Come along and improve your English conversation and confidence talking to local people. Should you have problems, often one of our volunteers is able to speak Mandarin Chinese. We also arrange outings to various places from time to time, e.g. The Lake District and Chester.

Where to find English Corner

You can find us on facebook for the latest news: English Corner LCG Church

This class meets on Fridays from 17:00-18:20. All are welcome, when we are able to start again.